Verti-GO for Maya


This is a python script for CG artists, that can lock the placement of your target in the framing of a camera when you change focal length, by moving your camera accordingly. It can quickly create a Zolly/Vertigo effect by dragging the slide-bar. It works for Maya 2023 and earlier versions.

Please slide over the image above to see video demos.


- simply source this py file or copy the text into your script editor as python



1. Have TWO THINGS selected in ANY order :

     - One Target Object (Curve, Locator or Geo) that you want to remain size in frame

     - One Camera Node (or it's parent / grandparent or such)

2. Run the Script.



  • Your target object needs to have a correct pivot. If not, please place a locator there and use the locator as the target.
  • Your camera's focal length must be unlocked, unconnected.
  • Your selected camera moving node must be unlocked on translate X Y Z.

Thank you for using the tool, please let me know if you have any feedback or ways to enhance it !

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Verti-GO for Maya

I want this!